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Dope work as always, D! I really enjoy the bright, unsettling background & the stark silhouette the figures cut against it. Captures the spook factor that makes pictures like this tick so well. You should be hella proud of this one!

The little eyelashes!!!! My heart!!! Vivi is one of my fav designs as is and I really love what you did here! The silhouette is cute and pleasing, and the colors are so bright and fun! Little details really sell this one too. I love!!

FuShark responds:

Thanks so much. I think working on their sash was one of my favorite parts so I'm glad you appreciate the nuances.

"Come not between the Nazg├╝l and his prey." Really excellent work, the carrion-bird in the background is a nice touch.

Choice work as always!!! Lovely to see you on my feed again!!

gray-eggs-n-ham responds:

Thanks so much, Al!! I'm gonna try to be more active on here :D

I'm not crying, you're crying.

Love it! Disney really did Boyega and his character dirty from the start, and it's heartbreaking. I've always wanted to see more Jedi using weapons appropriate for the situation, I've never understood the over-reliance on lightsabers in situations where a blaster would be the more "elegant" solution.

Anyway, I love what you've done with him here. He looks like he's seen some shit at this point and it hasn't broken him. Well done.

Beyond the Grid was the best arc of the series, with the best color work of the series! I'm delighted to know it was you!!! This pic is absolutely awesome, great kinetic energy throughout and of course stellar color composition. Love it!

Beautiful and haunting. I enjoy these emotive pieces of yours very much.

Gorgeous. I really enjoy the colors you selected, they compliment the sense of floating and suspended time that often comes with dawn and dusk, that feeling of liminality. Love it!!

I am continuously inspired by your color schemes. So many artists fall into one or two they favor but I'm constantly seeing you experiment with that and it's really motivating and awesome. Lovely work as always!!

You can call me Al! I'm a nonbinary artist from Nashville, TN. I draw porn mostly! Themes include fitness, scifi, fantasy, and occultism.

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