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You can call me Al! I'm a nonbinary artist from Nashville, TN. I draw porn mostly! Themes include fitness, scifi, fantasy, and occultism.

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Update on Mom

Posted by BlueWizardArt - 1 month ago

So like I mentioned before, mom's in the hospital. She had severe diabetic complications which have been handled, but her heart is also super fucked. One artery blocked, three constricted, so she's going in for a quad bypass tomorrow. Yikes.

I've been running around helping my sister and dad as much as I could. Helped keep the house in order, tend to the pets, and see to my sister's needs (she's disabled). I'm very tapped out but I'm hopeful about things with Mom. She's a tough old bitch and this isn't gonna beat her. Just gonna be an intense couple of weeks as we get through this.

We're still figuring out who's gonna do what tomorrow while Mom's under. After that, another week in the hospital after surgery most likely, then they bring her home. What that will all mean for me and my time I don't know yet, but I expect to at least have to put in some time around my folks' place helping out with my sister at minimum. Glad to do it, but whew, does it wear a body out.

As to art...well. I've put CSP back on my iPad and have it set up so I can work from elsewhere as needed, but finding time/spoons has been impossible. Maybe in the next couple days I can at least get some lines n flats put down, but idk. My sister is a handful and my dad's got so much on his shoulders rn I can't let him go it alone. So, as of right now my expectation to at least lose a week or two stands.

Like I said before, this puts me behind on being able to re-open for commissions and start some of the patreon-specific initiatives (like some Sadie comic shenanigans). I do have a buffer built into my budget so I am not in dire straits yet by any means, but if anyone wants to support for the sake of keeping me ahead, you can send a few shekels to my paypal here, or grab some stickers or a titty mousepad off my Etsy shop here. I'll ship any orders quick as I can.


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I can only imagine how difficult a time you are facing. Any time you take is completely understandable. Though I will say I'm already an owner of the mouse pad and have been enjoying it.

Thanks, Sven! I'm honestly really fortunate - I've received incredible kindness and support, as has my family. Going this alone would have been harrowing. So even just kind words from folk like you and everyone else commenting is doing a lot for my morale.

And yay! I'm glad you enjoy it. It was definitely a milestone for me to make it!

Take your time and I hope for the best! Stay safe!

Hoping for the best for all of you guys!